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Vagus nerve stimulation: what are the remuneration and how does it relieve depression? - depression


Vagus nerve stimulation is more efficient than antidepressants and is not associated to brain surgery or shock treatments. It is a 60-90 close out-patient procedure, with robust antidepressant affects on the brain.

The instill course of action is performed by a surgeon. A pacemaker-like badge is fixed in your upper left chest. One lead wire is tunneled below your skin and curved about the left vagus nerve in your neck.

The vagus nerve has a absolute conduit to hypothalmus and hippocampus in the brain. The fixed generator is involuntary to send impulses to the vagus nerve. Stimulating the vagus nerve has been proven to approvingly alter those areas of the brain dependable for mood and depression. There are no pain fibers in the vagus nerve. The long-suffering in the first few weeks after implant, delicate voice alteration when the generator sends impulses to the nerve. The nerve gets used to the stimulation and the side effects, if any, disipate over time.

This is a therapy for for patients who bear from frequent or treatment-resistant depression, for which antidepressants drugs have not adequately relieved their depression.

The FDA's Health check Diplomacy Panel official vagus nerve stimulation therapy. Final admiration by the U. S. Food and Drug Direction is likely by the end of June.

You can learn more at http://www. VagusNerveStimulator. com. There is a free newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the most up-to-date developments.

Charles Donovan was a study study branch of learning in the FDA investigational trial of vagus nerve stimulation and constant depression. He is the cause of Out of the Black Hole: The Patient's Guide to Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Depression and break down of the VagusNerveStimulator. com Web site.

Out of the Black Hole: The Patient's Guide to Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Depression is free on Amazon. com, Barnes & Noble. com and at http://www. vagusnervestimulator. com/book/


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