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Manic depressive episodes and scientology - depression


Scientologists accept as true that compound imbalances do not exist. In their view manic episodes be supposed to be treated with periods of introspection and audits; a notion which is above all fantastic and scientifically untenable.

Chemical imbalances do exist in the brain. All has them, not just those with clinical instances of mental illness. A achieve element consider would be unnatural. However, every calculate goes all through a progression of sinusoidal curves, these are normally known as mood swings. Mood swings can leave the charted path of the sinusoidal normality and befit instances of depression or mania. While small shifts in mood are normal, and a accomplished lack of them would point to a a number of obsession and a lack of assess in the brain, large shifts can be devastating.

Scientologists deem that these large swings can be forbidden devoid of chemically interfering with the brain. This is utter nonsense. From one of my case studies a long-suffering with an acute manic episode was hospitalized for two weeks and given a heavy does of psychotropic drugs, such as haldol, seryquil and depacote. If given to a being in the accepted swing of emotion, seryquil for exemplar would knock a good for your health character out for about a day. These drugs had no bring about on the serene in the study. As time conceded the long-suffering certain the doctors that he could be released, but the deteriorate was swift and in two weeks the area under discussion was once again in a mental hospital.

Although the medications could not foil the business from going off them, what in the long run saved him was the apprehension that maybe it would be best to seek help and more drugs to be in command of the condition. While the hardest part for the long-suffering was to come to grips with the diagnosis, the only thing that was able to in the long run bring down the mania was a heavy drug combination and more than a few weeks of lockdown.

Arguing that such critical episodes can be illegal all the way through consideration is absurd. Depression, like mania on the other end of the spectrum, can be an just as weakening condition. While a manic long-suffering exhibits disobedient amounts of energy, one that is depressed lacks this very energy. Depression can lead to suicide, just as mania could lead to reckless deeds and end with in the same way grave consequences. Not medicating a acute case of depression can mean the alteration concerning life and death. The condition of life of associates on pills is a lot change for the better then of those who are not on drug and are attempting to self medicate. Scientology claims are essentially based on art fiction, claims that are abundantly damaging those anguish from mania or depression.

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